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Making Good Men Great - Surfing the New Wave of Masculinity

"Swoboda not only provides us with solutions
to the issues of gender equality, but clear steps
forward for the benefit of all humanity." Thrive Global

"Swoboda's upcoming Book is truly masculinity that inspires provides a
platform for tips and meaningful conversation." BuzzFeed

A straight to the point no nonsense approach to men's issues, Making Good Men

Great: Surfing the New Masculinity takes a look at the present state of masculinity and

throws down a challenge. Men need to give up the old ideas of what it is to be man.

With thirty-five years of counselling, mentoring, coaching and teaching experience,

Gunter Swoboda, a psychologist, author, and speaker has distilled his knowledge and

experience towards helping the everyday guy to understand how to move out of simply

surviving day-to-day and to begin to thrive and regain a sense of purpose and dignity in

himself and his relationship.
Making Good Men Great Softcover or eBook
Making Good Men Great Softcover or eBook