Gunter Swoboda

    “Take a leadership perspective...today there is a community with all the diversity of communities in life. Create a vision for how you would like it to be, work on establishing relationships, communicate aspirations and values.”


  • About Gunter...

    Gunter is a psychologist, speaker, author, mentor, coach and facilitator with over 30 years experience in counselling and organisational development.


    After more than 30 years experience Gunter’s passionate perspectives on what makes human beings thrive makes him a very insightful commentator and speaker. His aim is to stimulate your mind, touch your heart, and inspire your soul. Gunter’s passionate perspectives and scrutinies on what makes human beings thrive allows him to develop relationships with people in order to ignite their aspirations. Gunter is exceptional in facilitating outcomes in learning, productivity and communication by providing a safe environment with unobtrusive assistance and guidance wherein participants experience the flow between content and context.


    Swoboda is the creator of the Making Good Men Great movement and the author of Surfing the New Wave of Masculinity: Making Good Men Great. He also has an upcoming novel, Mountains of Sea, with Winterwolf Press.

    Recently, Gunter was a Consulting Producer on Lifelines a film directed by Miranda Spigener-Sapon, Starring Lew Temple and Ross John Gosla. He just signed another book deal with Winterwolf Press and UK publisher S3G UK for his Brian Poole Mysteries trilogy. Gunter is also the writer/creator of the documentary feature, Masculinity That Inspires Change, on Amazon Prime, an entrée film to the docu-series, The Crisis of Man.


  • Producer/On-Camera Work

    A selection of film, television and radio projects Gunter has been involved with:

    "Inspire Change with Gunter"

    Listen to Inspire Change on iHeartRadio.


    It also airs on Apple Podcasts, Google, Amazon, Spreaker & Spotify just search “Inspire Change w/Gunter”.


    International Psychologist, Author, Speaker and Producer Gunter Swoboda will be joining us in a series on masculinity and Male Empowerment in a positive way.

    "Masculinity That Inspires Change"

    This is a social documentary that explores what it means to be a man in the 21st century. Aiming to provide a platform for meaningful conversation, rethinking masculinity, and deconstructing assumptions and myths about men.





    Gunter served as a Consulting Producer on this feature film coming soon, Fall/Winter 2020

    A Neo-Noir Drama

    Written/Directed by Miranda Spigener-Sapon

    Check the OFFICIAL SITE for details!


    When your mind is your worst enemy...

    Ethan Grayson has battled mental illness and manic depression all his life and after several years of being estranged, he returns to his hometown and pays a visit to his successful, surgeon sister Emily.

    "The Dangerous Dance"



    Gunter participated on camera in this documentary film.

  • Gunter gives a #Storyteller style talk at Karen Sander's Story Room Aus Presents "Turning Points" at Henry's Rooftop at the Steyne Hotel.

    The Cambridge Dictionary definition of a Turning Point is the time when a situation starts to change in an important way, usually a positive way.

    Six different people from all walks of life come together to share stories on what connects them. Each story is true. There is no fabrication in this event. The theme for April is “Turning Points”

    Gunter gave a MasterClass speaking engagement August 2020 at The Life Shift Summit Online. Watch his class here:

    TEDx/TED Talks

    Stop Domestic Violence Conference

    Deconstructing Patriarchy: It’s Men’s Business

    National Psychology, Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference

    Gunter delivered the keynote: “Surfing the New Wave. Of Masculinity - Opening Men to Therapy and Therapy to Men”

  • Screening Room

    A video clip screening room of projects & special features:!

    The Making of & Coverage of Masculinity That Inspires Change documentary

    Directed by Miranda Spigener-Sapon and Written/Created by Gunter Swoboda and Lorin Josephson.

    Masculinity That Inspires Change

    The Trailer to the Amazon Prime documentary that is streaming now. Created/Written by Gunter Swoboda & Lorin Josephson. Directed by Miranda Spigener-Sapon

    Teaser Trailer of Lifelines, a feature film

    Gunter Swoboda was a Consulting Producer on this feature film coming soon about mental health, depression and bipolar disorder written/directed by Miranda Spigener-Sapon

    Featured on Inspire the Muse TV Live from BookExpo NYC 2018!

    Gunter Swoboda discusses his book Making Good Men Great: Surfing the New Wave of Masculinity at BookExpo/BookCon 2018.

    The Power of Great Questions discussion

    Gunter as a guest on The Power of Great Questions speaking on his “Good Men Great” movement.

  • Press

    Gunter & the Movement in the media!

    Gunter discusses men aging fearlessly on the Ageing Fearlessly - Face Your Future Podcast

    LISTEN HERE for more on: Gunter Swoboda, is a passionate psychologist with 30 years experience. He is the author of Making Good Men Great, Surfing The Wave of Masculinity. I asked Gunter "How Can Men Age Fearlessly"? In this podcast Gunter shares his knowledge and expertise. #success #grateful #personalgrowth #growing #thrivewithme #ptsd #wellbeing #thriver #cptsd #empower #nevergiveup #lifestyle #mindfulness #striving #transformation#survivor #business #momlife #innovation #leadershipdevelopment #mentalhealthawareness #energy

    Gunter’s book Making Good Men Great: Surfing the New Wave of Masculinity featured as Good Reads by Better Homes & Garden’s January 2021 Issue!

    Better Homes & Garden’s Magazine January 2021 Issue. Click the picture to enlarge picture to read (No online version its Print Edition only)

    Read the latest article in Authority Magazine on Gunter discussing #ThoughtLeadership & how to be effective in crazy times.

    Gunter & Making Good Men Great make the trades - The Hollywood Reporter

    A small tagline

    - E17 - "Making Good Men Great" with Gunter Swoboda


    He’s been mentioned in almost every episode, and now the Skip This audience finally gets to meet Browny’s Psychologist. After 40 years of working in the Mens Mental health space, he is a wealth of knowledge in an area we all need to learn more about.


    Gunter featured in Arianna Huffington’s ThriveGlobal

    Gunter discusses in this article about how we can the internet and social media a kinder/tolerant place. READ FULL STORY HERE!



    Gunter’s book featured in SheSociety.com

    Gunter and his book featured in SheSociety and the movement seen on KTLA and other network affiliates. Full Story in SheSociety!

    Gunter & Lorin featured in Santa Monica Mirror

    During the filming of the Amazon Prime documentary Masculinity That Inspires Change, Lorin Josephson and Gunter Swoboda’s Making Good Men were feature in the Santa Monica Mirror. FULL STORY & VIDEO HERE!

    Positive Book Review in The Arriviste

    Mega Entertainment/Lifestyle Blogger/Influencer Laura Medina praises Gunter’s book Surfing the New Wave of Masculinity: Making Good Men Great. FULL STORY HERE!

    Masculinity That Inspires Change on BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed features Gunter, the documentary and the GoodMenGreat Movement. Full Story Here

    Gunter was a guest on the Kim Power Stinson Show on XM Sirius Radio discussing Making Good Men Great. Listen here

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