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Recently Gunter was featured in an important documentary:

Gender equality is increasing
But so is domestic violence
What’s going on?

Gender inequality is widely cited as a primary cause of domestic violence yet Australia enjoys one of the highest scores on the OECD’s Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM) and many indicators show equality is increasing. At the same time we see increased levels of domestic abuse and violence, as well as the spread of violent pornography and predatory sexuality, from our primary schools through our universities to revenge porn and worse.

So are our assumptions accurate? What is being done about domestic violence and is it working? The Dangerous Dance aims to examine these questions by interviewing police, experts in the field and some of the many men, women and children who’s lives have been deeply affected by family abuse and violence.

As a community we can’t make things better if we don’t really understand this complex issue. Have your say. Be part of the conversation.